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Latin Jam 5"The Ultimate Latin Jam"

Andy Fortuna Productions is pleased to announce "The Ultimate Latin Jam".

Disc One

SAMBA time mpm
1. Latinos 3:20 50
2. Party Time 3:32 50
3. Carlito 3:28 50
4. Africano 3:09 50
5. Quiere Governor 3:42 50
6. Go Away 3:38 50
7. Zu Zu 3:02 50
8. Valentina 3:35 50
9. Ain’t It Funny 3:55 50
10. Lola Lola 3:26 50

11. Amor 3:21 31
12. New Cha Cha 3:26 30
13. Do It Right 3:29 31
14. Speak Up Mambo 3:41 30
15. Hot Tamale 3:02 31
16. Anomorada 3:26 31
17. Mandolay 3:41 31
18. Sofrito 3:33 31
19. Everybody 3:25 31
20. Muevelo 2:55 31

Disc Two

RUMBA time mpm
1. Blessed 3:21 25
2. Sabor a Mi 2:49 25
3. My All 3:24 26
4. Beautiful Maria 4:05 25
5. Rumba Uno 2:45 25
6. El Laudo Oscuro 3:29 26
7. Mucho Corazon 3:23 26
8. Bella Chitarra 3:24 26
9. Promises Ain’t Enough 3:54 26
10. Dreaming Of You 3:22 26

11. The Cape 2:05 60
12. Argentina 2:06 59

13. House is Rockin 3:50 44
14. Got The Blues About You Baby 2:40 44
15. Hipster 3:38 44
16. Little Bitty Pretty One 2:49 44
17. Get Over It 3:05 44

18. Vete 3:07 46

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Visit often to see what's new and sample other tracks! And listen to what others have to say about Latin Jam...

"A fantastic CD, a must have." -- Steve Johanson, World Record Distributors, London, England

"Don't miss this brand new release from Andy Fortuna Productions – every track is beautifully arranged and destined to become a competition standard." -- ProDance

"This is a HUMDINGER, powerful CD. I found this CD very very good with its modern arrangements and full of rich sounds." -- Charles Scott, Dance News, London, England

"This all Latin CD is fabulous, definitely a 10. Every song a hit! We predict this will be the big seller of 1997." -- Dance Plus, Canada

"The best all Latin CD to come along in the past 25 years." -- Dick Mason, Telemark Dance Records

"We are sure you will find 'Latin Jam' to be a Sound Sensation." – Dance Trax International

"… the hottest selling new Latin CD in Australia." – Superior Dancing Music, Queensland Australia

"Cool, especially the Paso, which gives me the feeling of Star Wars in its grandeur." -- Corky Ballas

"The Rumbas are beautiful, just beautiful." -- Melanie LaPatin

"The Jives are cool." – Clive Phillips

"I carry and highly recommend Latin Jam" - Rufus Dustin.

Featured at the 1997 Canadian Closed Amateur DanceSport Championships, it was called "awesome."

Gary & Diana McDonald used "Party Time" for their solo at the 1997 Emerald Ball.

"Great website! I have the first 2 'Jams' and look forward to #3" -- M. Tremlett

"Loved your music and dancing on the NBC airing." -- A. Morabito

"Thanks to the great music in Latin Jam 1&2 my daughter's 18th B-day party was a big success. We used the music in choreographing the cotillion dance composed of 18 teenagers. Even the kids love your CD's. More power to Latin Jam!!!" -- P. & L. Yugo, Canada

"I bought the CD Latin Jam 1 and 2 at the German Open Championships. They were very good for Practice, the other Couples like them to!" -- B. Gebhard, Switzerland

"We've become real fans of Latin division ballroom dancing and wish that more competitions were televised on network television." -- B. Griffin, MA, USA

"Your web page is awesome. Can't wait to get LJ3." -- B. Bills, UT, USA

"I love Latin Jam CD Music is the best! I use all the time for motivating me to dance my best during practices! Absolutely the BEST in Latin Dance Music!" -- P. Hughes, MA, USA

"I love LATIN JAM!! They are the awesomest latin CDs that I have ever had or I think will have." -- B. Haymond, UT, USA

"I am pretty much interested in Ball Room - especially latin American dances. I think that this is a great ...." -- Jonathan Hendriks, South Africa

"I'm a dancer and I think that your music is absolutely fabulous. Keep up the good work..." -- Carl Jansen, South Africa

"We fell in love with Both Latin Jams I & II and are very excited about #III! Heard a few tracks @ VA. State comp. as a promo - loved it!" -- Michael Powell, NC, USA

"Latin is a BOOM in South Africa. I will like to thank all the produceres of the CD. Welldone. You CD is a must to have." -- T. Phiri, South Africa

"What a HOT SITE!! Love all your latin jam albums. Great mix of traditional latin and new funky tracks." -- M. Townson, Australia

Strict Tempi for Cha-Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, and Jives, for teaching or competition.


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