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New Release: "The Ultimate Latin Jam"

Latin Jam 6
US $35.00

2-Disc Covering Samba, Cha Cha, Rumba, Paso Doble, Jive & Bonus Salsa Track! Click here to order...

Brian Fortuna, featured on the cover of Ultimate Latin Jam, was recently featured with Miss USA Shandi Finnessey on the fourth season of "Dancing with the Stars" in the United States, as well as recently with singer Heather Small on "Strictly Come Dancing" in the United Kingdom.

Latin Jam Single CDs

The Best in Latin and the Best in Standard Music... All Latin Jam Music CDs are only $20 each, and only $3 per CD shipping anywhere in the USA.

SPECIAL OFFER: Latin Jam 1 to 7 Single CDs Now $20.00!

Latin Jam 6
Buy ANY Latin Jam CD
for only $20 (Reg. $25 ea.)!

Nationally and internationally recognized as the best Latin American music. Latin Jam Music CDs have been featured on national television on NBC, ESPN, BBC, The Donny & Marie Show, The Regis Show, and recently in the movie "Mad About Mambo". No other CDs specifically produced for Ballroom Dancing have accomplished this feat. Latin Jam is played at every major competition throughout the US, Canada, Europe and Japan. These CDs have been the top selling CDs at The Blackpool Dance Festival year after year. These CDs normally sell for $28 to $30 at competitions and events!!!

Latin Jam 7

Latin Jam 6
Purchase your copy of Latin Jam 7

The cuts on this CD are all new versions of internationally known popular songs. They have been rearranged and produced at the highest level, with the dancer and dancing as the rprime concern. In many instances, the originals did not contain all of the elements that are required to meet the standard of each dance. Listen, enjoy, dance, and move to the fabulous sounds of Latin Jam 7!

CD REVIEW - POWER OF MUSIC, by Bryan Allen, Dance Times
LATIN JAM 7 is hitting the CD market just in time for Blackpool Dance Festival. The latest addition to an acclaimed series will be considered by many to be one of the best so far (and to be thought possibly even better than some of the previous memebers it has to be very good!).

Andy Fortuna has put together fifteen tracks of really great Latin Music. There are five Cha Cha tracks, all at 31 bpm, four Sambas at 50 bpm, five Rumbas at 26 bpm, and a Salsa track at 47.

The tracks are versions of internationally known popular latin style music, arranged and produced by Rick Hall and Andy Fortuna to the hightest level for dancers. Each one of them was greatly appreciated by students and competition dancers and, as is quite normal, there was disagreement about which were the outstanding tracks among these. All of them were, in some way, outstanding. Speaking personally, I thought the Sambas came out on top with Casamanana being my choice but found all the otheres in contention for my accolade.

There is no shortage of time for each track to be enjoyed, the shortest being three minutes and thirteen seconds with the longest four and a half minutes. Disc Jockeys using this CD for competitions will be able to use the first half of most tracks for heat one and the second half for heat two, as ten of the tracks are no longer than four minutes.

The last line of the sleeve notes has this message, "Listen, enjoy, dance, and move to the fabulous sounds of LATIN JAM 7". I know you will!

"Latin Jam 6: El Nuevo Cha-Cha-Cha" Newest Release

Purchase Latin Jam 6 CD! Dance non-stop to the exciting production of "New Cha-Cha-Cha". Prepare your senses for a unique experience. Feel the intense throbbing rhythms that will make even the non dancer feel the need to move. Love the Afro-Cuban and Miami Club sound? This is the CD for you. Sample sound tracks of all songs from Latin Jam Music CDs are available in the Jukebox section.

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Mad About Mambo!

It's official. Two Cuts (Maria, Latin Jam 1, & Spice Up Your Life Latin Jam 2 X-Tra Hot) will be used in the upcoming movie, "Mad About Mambo". The songs will be used twice, while "Spice Up Your Life", from Latin Jam 2 x-Tra Hot, is the music being used for the main dance scene and over the credits at the end of the movie. The two cuts are also being packaged along with Will Smith's "Get The Giggy With It" in a compilation sound tract from the movie.

The songs were chosen by the producers from Polygram Filmed Entertainment from 12 Cds that were given to the producers at random by World Record Distributors in London England. Once again, the unmatched production quality and crossover appeal of the Latin Jam Series of Cds, produced by Andy Fortuna for DanceSport, has gained world wide recognition. The Paso Doble, "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" was presented on the syndicated "Donnie And Marie " TV show in December 1998. The exposure of this music, specifically produced for DanceSport, can only increase the acceptance of DanceSport to the general public of all ages.

Latin Jam on Fox Television Broadcast of "Strictly Dancing"

Fox 59 WXIN Productions and Casiana Productions, Inc. have announced the successful filming of "Strictly Dancing", a dance production scheduled for release later this year. Frank Regan, former US, Canadian, and North American Champion was the Director and Choreographer of the show. The program will feature music from Latin Jam (The Paso Doble, "Where Did You Go," and the Jive, "The House is Rockin") and dancing by John & Carol Clark, Ingvar Geirsson & Leslie Spearin, James & Janna Kunitz, Clive Phillips & Karen McDonald, Edward Simon & Michelle Officer, David & Sharon Savoy, and many others.

Latin Jam 2 (X-Tra Hot!) Reviews

Excerpt of CD Review, by Charles Scott, Dance News, UK
The CD kicks off with three very good Sambas "Carlito Samba", "Spice Up Your Life" and "Valentina". This last track, I understand from Andy, is named after his daughter. All three Sambas should prove popular with the Latin dancers. The three Cha Chas are first class and have a very strong beat. They are "A Namorada", "Rico" and Mandolay". I do like the Three Rumbas sung in romantic Spanish and I feel will be enjoyed by the dancers and spectators. The titles are "La Puerta", "Dreaming of You", and "Canciones De Amor". Many so called Paso Dobles lack correct phrasing. I am pleased to say the phrasing is correct on this CD. Its title … "Where Do You Go." Moving to the Jives with "Rockin At Midnight" and "The House is Rockin". Two very useful jives. As an added bonus, three tracks have been included as instrumentals. "Rico" (Cha Cha), "Spice Up Your Life" (Samba), and "La Puerta" (Rumba).

Hotstuff, by Dancing USA
Andy Fortuna's newest Latin Jam II, X-Tra Hot is truly strict tempo Latin American competition style with three of each: sambas at 51 and 52 mpm; cha-cha-chas at 32 mpm and rumbas at 26 mpm; a paso doble at 61 mpm and two jive numbers at 44 mpm; followed by three instrumental tracks. The tunes are popular cuts remade, plus two sambas are originals by R. Hall and Andy Fortuna, named Carlito (after Hall's daugther) and Valentina (after Fortuna's daughter).

With bongos, timbales and congas, the percussion is strong and enhanced by live trumpet, sax and guitar plus four background vocalists. Latin Jam II is popular not only in the U.S. ballroom competition circles, but also Europe, Japan, and Australia. Several top competitors have danced to the Latin Jam tunes.

Andy's first CD was released last year and this second release sold out the initial pressing of 3,275 CDs in only 10 days. Andy has produced 2,000 more copies in the past 3 months.

Latin Jam 1 (The Original) Reviews

CD Review by Charles Scott, Dance News, UK
This is a HUMDINGER, powerful CD. I like this CD with the Cha Cha "Take Your Time." Played at 26 B.P.M. is the Rumba "Blessed". Excellent track ... I would like to mention, they are all first class. For example, the Samba "You'll Be Mine." This is followed by another excellent Cha Cha Cha "C'mon Let's Ride." "Mucho Carozon" is a nice romantic Rumba sung in Spanish and once again at the right tempo. The Samba "Maria" is also sung in Spanish. I am sure the Latin Dancers will enjoy this track. "You Got the Power" Cha Cha has a modern Disco beat and should be popular with the younger dancers. I am sure most dancers will enjoy the Rumba with its female vocal called "Nobody Know" played at the correct tempo. The last Samba on this CD is "Caliente." In English, this means Hot and this track is HOT. It's a good one. I have often heard the tune "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" played as a Rumba. On this CD, it is a Paso Doble, with correct phrasing, ideal for competitions. There are two Jives on this CD: "Little Bitty Pretty One" and "Ain't Got No Home." Both should please the Latin dancers.... I found this CD very very good with its modern arrangements and full of rich sounds.

Dancer's Ear – Review of Musical Material, by G. Gebhardt, Amateur Dancers
This CD entitled "Latin Jam 1" is one of the best CDs of dance music that I have ever heard. All of the selections are of the highest quality.... ten tracks have ALL the qualities that a Latin dancer will like. Three of the tracks are repeated at the end, just as instrumental, one each of cha-cha-cha, rumba, and samba. These instrumentals give this CD good use for instruction because the beat is very clearly heard, beneficial for those dancers or students who have difficulty staying on time. For practice and parties, all selections are quite danceable, ALL of them. I highly recommend this CD for your collection as it is a veritable feat for the ears and feet.

Excerpt from Hotstuff, by Dancing USA
Andy knows his music and dancing. His credits include U.S. Representative to The World Amateur Latin, Feather Award Recipient in 1993 as "Favorite Amateur Latin Couple" with Amateur Latin partner Stacy Martin, Professional Rising Star Latin Finalist in North American Championships, plus he and his wife, Sandra Fortuna, are co-organizers of The Philadelphia Festival DanceSport Championships in Philadelphia (April 1998). The 15 songs - cha-cha, rumba, samba, paso doble, and jive – are all in correct MPM (measures per minute) for International Style Latin American competition and also good for American style rhythm. There is a rumba and a samba sung in Spanish. You Got the Power is a cha-cha with a modern disco beat. The synthesized percussion loops are enhanced with live brass work by trumpet, saxophone and trombone. Six vocals add the spice to 12 songs, with three instrumentals at the end. The percussion is strong and no one can miss the beat.

Released in April, Fortuna says, "The tunes are popular cuts, remade into Latin style. Five cuts are being used in competition by professionals, such as Clive Phillips, Gary & Diana McDonald and Pierre Allaire & Mireille Veilleux. "LatinJam is popular not only in the U.S., but in Europe, Japan, and Australia also."

Fortuna helped the musicians, who knew music well but not dance tempos, by bringing them videotapes of dancers so they could clearly understand how important the tempo is. All four cha-chas are 32 MPM, just right for competition. He points out that "it's listenable music even if you're not a dancer." Dick Mason with Telemark Dance Records says it's the best all Latin CD to come along in the past 25 years. Here's a quote from England by Charles Scott in Dance News who says "This is a humdinger, powerful CD … very, very good with its modern arrangements." "The hottest selling new Latin CD in Australia" comes from Superior Dancing Music in Queensland.


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